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KitPvP Plus can intergrate into world guard to allow you preceisly define your spawn area, your arena area and protected arena. This tutorial just shows the flags you can use to define thse.


You can watch this video to learn how to install and use world guard

Setting up a spawn region

The flag for the spawn region is called kpvp-spawn. You can set this by running /g <region-name> kpvp-spawn allow

Setting up an arena region

The flag for an arena region is called kpvp-arena. You can set this by running /rg <region-name> kpvp-arena allow

Setting up a protected region

The flag for a protected region is called kpvp-protected. You can set this by running /rg <region-name> kpvp-protected allow

Found a problem? This documentation is open source and can be found here.

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