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There are over 35 different commands in KitPvP Plus. This article goes over all commands, their aliases and permissions as well as a breif description.

Lets the player view their balance.
Aliases: /bal
Permissions: None

Sends you to the arena.
Aliases: /play
Permissions: None

Opens the kit selector or gives you a kit.
Aliases: /kits

  • /kit - Opens the GUI. (Permission: None)
  • /kit <kit name> - Allows you to select a kit without opening the GUI. (Permission: None)
  • /kit <kitname> [player] - Loads a given kit (To given player if provided). (Permission: kitpvpplus.givekits)
  • /kit edit permission <kitname> <permission> - Edits the permission of the kit (Permission: kitpvpplus.kits.edit)
  • /kit edit price <kitname> <price> - Edits the price of the kit (Permission: kitpvpplus.kits.edit)
  • /kit edit displayname <kitname> <newdisplayname> - Edit's the displayname of a given kit. (Permission: kitpvpplus.kits.edit)
  • /kit edit icon <kitname> - Edits the icon of given kit to the item in your hand. (Permission: kitpvpplus.kits.edit)
  • /kit contents <kitname> - Edits the contents of the given kit to the items in your inventory. (Permission: kitpvpplus.kits.edit)
  • /kit delete <kitname> - Deletes the given kit (Permission: kitpvpplus.kits.delete)

Used for managing the KitPvP Plus plugin.
Aliases: /kpvp, /kitpvpcore, /kpvpcore, /kpvpc, /kitpvpplus, /kpvpplus, /kpvpp, /kitpvpp
Permissions: kitpvpplus.admin


If the player does not have permission, it will just send the credits.


  • /kitpvp abilities [ability] - Opens gui with all the ability items (unless specified in args). (Permission: kitpvpplus.admin)
  • /kitpvp reload - Reloads the configs and database. (Permission: kitpvpplus.admin)
  • /kitpvp reload config - Reloads the configuration. (Permission: kitpvpplus.admin)
  • /kitpvp reload database - Reloads the database. (Permission: kitpvpplus.admin)
  • /kitpvp credits - Sends the credits of all the people who helped out with the plugin.

Sends you back to spawn.
Aliases: /l, /spawn, /stuck
Permissions: None

Shows someone elses balance.
Aliases: /playersbal, otherbal, otherbalance
Permissions: kitpvpplus.balance.other

Sends money to another player.
Aliases: /sendmoney
Permissions: None

Sets the location for the fighting arena.
Aliases: None
Permissions: kitpvpplus.setlocations

Sets the location for spawn.
Aliases: None
Permissions: kitpvpplus.setlocations

View your stats.
Aliases: /stats
Permissions: None

  • /statistics [player] (Permission: kitpvpplus.stats.other if player is specified)


  • /eco give [player] [amount] - Adds x amount of money to a players balance. (Permission: kitpvpplus.economy.admin)
  • /eco set [player] [amount] - Sets the players balance to x amount. (Permission: kitpvpplus.economy.admin)
  • /eco reset [player] - Resets a players balance to 0 (Permission: kitpvpplus.economy.admin)

Aliases: /eco

Found a problem? This documentation is open source and can be found here.

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