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Creating kits

This guide will cover how to create a kit in a step-by-step guide with images and examples!


If you edit the actual kits.yml file, there is a high risk of you losing all your kits due to a syntax error.

Step one

First of all your gonna want to create the kit. You can do this by running

/kit create <kitname>


Example 1

Step two

You can now set the contents of the kit. Put all the items you want in your inventory and run

/kit set contents <kitname>


Example 2

Step three (Optional)

You can set an icon. This is the item type that appears in the kit gui (if you have the enabled). You can set it by running

/kit set icon <kitname>
This will set the icon of the kit to what ever item type is in your hand. This will also set the lore/description from the item


Example 3

Step four

Setting the permission allows you to limit access to the kit to only people with the certain permission. Its pretty simple, its just

/kit set permission <kitname> <permission>


You can set no permission by just doing

/kit set permission <kitname>
Example 4

Step 5

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. You can use auto-tab to find what you can set.

Found a problem? This documentation is open source and can be found here.

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