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Ability - Class in wtf.nucker.kitpvpplus.api.objects
Ability(String, ItemStack) - Constructor for class wtf.nucker.kitpvpplus.api.objects.Ability
Used to create a custom ability
AbilityActivateEvent - Class in
AbilityActivateEvent(Ability, ItemStack, PlayerInteractEvent) - Constructor for class
addAbilityCooldown(Player, Ability, int) - Static method in interface wtf.nucker.kitpvpplus.api.managers.CooldownManager
Adds a ability cooldown to a player
addExp(int) - Method in interface wtf.nucker.kitpvpplus.api.objects.PlayerData
Adds to the player's current exp
ARENA - Enum constant in enum class wtf.nucker.kitpvpplus.api.objects.PlayerState
The player is in the arena
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All Classes|All Packages|Deprecated API